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  • Anonymus (1549): Statuta ciuitatis Tudertine quam ipse Dominus noster Iesus Christus sua clementia & intercessione Virginis Marie matris eius & beatissimi Fortunati confessoris & omnium Sanctorum celestis curie dignetur in pace perpetua conseruare, Tudi.
  • Anonymus (1552): Doctrine de la penitence publique Et la forme d'icelle ainsi comme elle se practique en l'Eglise des estrangiers à Londres, deuant qu'on vienne à l'excommunication. Ensemble aussi la forme d'administrer la saincte Cene, London.
  • Anonymus (1582): Statuta magnificae communitatis Regii, (Reggio Emilia).
  • Anonymus (1685): A consolatory epistle to D. T.O. in his present circumstances. From a member of the association. The contents. The pulpit and pillory combined in his disgrace. A sham justification of himself to the brethren. The loss of his ears, no damage, no disfigurement, no discredi to him, prov'd both by arguments and examples. The pillory a type of the inquisition. Quæries after his doctorship. The analogy between his plot and the Trojan Horse. A caveat to him in the conclusion. (Reprint).
  • Anonymus (1719): Memoirs of the life, ministry, tryal and sufferings of that very eminent person James Nailer, the Quaker's great apostle. Who was Try'd by the High Court of Parliament for Blasphemy, in the Year 1656. With a faithful Relation of his unparalell'd Sentence, and the Execution thereof upon his Body, in the Cities of London, Westminster and Bristol, viz. 1. Standing Twice in the Pillory, 2. Whipt, and receiv'd 310 Lashes, 3. Bor'd thro' the Tongue with a red hot Iron. 4. Burn'd to the Scull with the Letter B. 5. Made to ride backward, bare - ridged, thro' Bristol. 6. Six Times whipt there, 7. And then committed to Bridewel, to hard Labour. Publish'd by an Impartial Hand, to prevent the Abuses in Dr. Kennet's History when Publish'd, and the Gross Imperfection and Misrepresentations of James Nailer in the late Folio Collection of Trials.
  • Anonymus (1746): Einer Hochlöblichen juristen Facultät zu Göttingen rechtliches Bedencken ueber einen sonderbaren Fall da ein gewisser Opfermann seines Predigers gedruckten Namen, den er von ohngefehr an dem sogenannten Kack angeklebet erblickt, abgerissen: dabey die Frage erörtert wird, ob eine solche That eine Infamiam oder Levis notae maculam nach sich ziehe?
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    Compare also the very exhaustive research bibliography on embarrassment of William F. Sharkey – Hawaii from which some of the references have been taken.

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