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  • Anonymus (1552): Doctrine de la penitence publique Et la forme d'icelle ainsi comme elle se practique en l'Eglise des estrangiers à Londres, deuant qu'on vienne à l'excommunication. Ensemble aussi la forme d'administrer la saincte Cene, London.
  • Anonymus (1582): Statuta magnificae communitatis Regii, (Reggio Emilia).
  • Anonymus (1685): A consolatory epistle to D. T.O. in his present circumstances. From a member of the association. The contents. The pulpit and pillory combined in his disgrace. A sham justification of himself to the brethren. The loss of his ears, no damage, no disfigurement, no discredi to him, prov'd both by arguments and examples. The pillory a type of the inquisition. Quæries after his doctorship. The analogy between his plot and the Trojan Horse. A caveat to him in the conclusion. (Reprint).
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    Compare also the very exhaustive research bibliography on embarrassment of William F. Sharkey – Hawaii from which some of the references have been taken.

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